Impulse and Surge Testing

Function Testing

Function Testing Functional Testing is a Quality Assurance (QA) process that bases its test cases on the specifications as per the concerned National & International Standards. Functional [...]

Safety Testing

Safety Testing Protection from Energy Hazards, Electric Shock, Over Current and Earth Fault Protection, Touch Current, Heating under Normal Operating Conditions, Insulation Resistance, [...]

Destructive Test

Destructive tests are basically to check the extent to which the product can be physically damaged when placed and carried out under drop test, free-fall, impact test and related. Destructive [...]

Ingress Protection Testing

Ingress Protection Testing Ingress Protection (IP) or IP Testing tests are performed to determine the level of protection from water, dust, chemical in order to verify lighting product’s [...]

Ageing Testing (Life Test)

Ageing Test (Life Test) Ageing Tests are particularly referred to as ‘Life Test’, concerning the determination of ‘Life-Span’of any products in respect of being [...]

Endurance Testing

Endurance Testing Labs Endurance tests are typically done to check the ability of product to withstand the expected processing load for a longer period. Monitoring is also done to determine [...]