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URS Products and Testing Private Limited has facility for Testing of Automotive, Electronics and Electrical Products. Testing Lab has State of Art Facility embedded with Modern Technology for testing of Products of Automotive, Electronics, IT Products, Audio Video Equipment, Luminaries, Electrical Home Appliances including Home Appliances and Automotive Products.

URS Testing Lab has Facilities for conducting Vibration Tests, Endurance Tests, Ingress Protection Tests, Conditioning Tests, Safety Tests, Function Tests of Equipment and Appliances. URS Lab follows International Standards and Protocols to conduct all Safety and Performance tests for Electronics, IT, Electrical Appliances and Automotive Products. Lab complies to ISO 17025 International Standard for Testing Laboratories and facility is Accredited for ISO 17025 from NABL – National Accreditation Board for Laboratories. URS Lab is recognized by BIS – Bureau of Indian Standards under notified categories of Electronic Products under the “Electronics and IT Goods” (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012” of Government of India, Department of Electronics and IT (DeitY).

  • URS lab is committed to undertake testing of products in strict compliance to National and International Standards & Protocols with accurate, prompt and reliable test results.
  • Lab belongs to URS Group and is managed by Board of Directors, registered with Registrar of Companies in India and employs professionally and technically competent staff to operate testing facility for electronics, IT, Audio Video, Electrical Appliances and Automobile Products.
  • Company is backed with competent promoters having strong entrepreneur, financial, technical background and a rich heritage of promoting and running Conformity assessment body.
  • Company has chosen test facilities and equipment from reputed suppliers across the globe with modern technology. The test facilities are taken with high accuracy, zero tolerance and adequate least counts. The equipment are calibrated traceable with National and International Standards.
  • URS Lab is accredited by NABL.
  • URS Lab is recognized by BIS – Bureau of Indian Standards under CRS.

Testing Lab has following features:

  • State  of  the  Art testing facility embedded with Modern Technology.
  • Testing Facility for Electronic Products, IT Products, Electronic Home Appliances, Automotive Components, Audio Video Equipment.
  • Testing of Products covers, LED TV, Mobile Phone, Tablets, Laptop, LED Lights and Modules, Luminaries, Home Appliances, Geyser, Batteries, Automobile Fixtures and Lights, Airport Lights, Electrical Switches, Sockets.
  • Facility for Vibration & Shock Testing, Endurance, Ingress Protection Tests, Conditioning Tests, Safety and Function Tests.
  • Backed with Promoters having background of running Conformity Assessment body.
  • Test Lab belong to URS Group of International Repute.
  • We have Competent and Professionally Qualified Personnel.

URS Lab aims  to achieve:

  • Committed to deliver Test Results with competence and professionalism.
  • Deliver Tests with Accuracy, Promptness, Competence and Reliability.
  • Effective Management System able to deliver results with Zero Tolerance
  • Reliable and Cost Effective Test Results.
  • Effective Process Control through Modern Technology embedded with Web Based configuration management system.
  • Comply National and International Standards and Protocols.

Some of the testing in our Labs

Drop Test
Impact Resistance Test
Insulation Resistance Test
Electrical Safety Test
Automotive Testing
Salt Spray Testing
Corrosion Testing

PCB Testing
Humidity Testing
Climatic Test
Luminaries Testing
Lighting Equipment Testing
IP Testing
IEC 62133

Battery Testing
Surge Testing
Environmental Testing
Thermal Shock Testing
IP Rating
Ingress Protection Testing


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