Impulse and Surge Testing

Function Testing

Functional Testing is a Quality Assurance (QA) process that bases its test cases on the specifications as per the concerned National & International Standards. Functional tests are focused on [...]

Safety Testing

Protection from Energy Hazards, Electric Shock, Over Current and Earth Fault Protection, Touch Current, Heating under Normal Operating Conditions, Insulation Resistance, Overheating, Marking and [...]

Destructive Test

Destructive tests are basically to check the extent to which the product can be physically damaged when placed and carried out under drop test, free-fall, impact test and related. Destructive [...]

Aging Testing (Life Test)

Aging Tests are particularly referred to as ‘Life Test’, concerning the determination of Life-Span of any products in respect of being checking-out the period of time for which the [...]

Endurance Testing

Endurance tests are typically done to check the ability of a product to withstand the expected processing load for a longer period. Monitoring is also done to determine potential failures under [...]