LED Lights Testing

URS LABS provides LED Testing Lab to help customer product development. We have a fully equipped LED Testing Lab where we allow customers to characterize LEDs, light engines, and SSL lamps, luminaires, and modules, etc. We are offering one-stop shopping quality to each customer through our expertise, and state of the art product testing facilities.

Significant improvements in the quality and performance of light-emitting diodes LED lighting has made it the preferred technology for lamps and lighting products used in consumer, commercial and industrial applications. The LED lighting is more energy-efficient, and the rapidly growing use of LED lighting will help to reduce energy demand in the coming years. However, LED technology continues to evolve to meet the performance requirements of more demanding applications. As a result, LED testing requirements are changing and expanding to address these issues.

Our LED testing :

  • General Testing of LED Arrays, Lamps, Luminaires, Lighting Systems LED Modules and so on
  • General Testing of Lighting parts and components
  • Product Improvement and Engineering Excellence Solutions
  • Quality Assurance and Sourcing Excellence Solutions

What is LED Testing?

Like other lighting products, LED lighting is typically subject to electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and energy efficiency testing. In addition, product performance issues related to the color and intensity of emitted light or exposure to extreme environmental conditions are important considerations for LED lighting products used in demanding applications such as transportation and infrastructure projects. Concerns about the possible health effects from exposure to light generated from LED lighting has also resulted in the introduction of photobiological testing of LED lighting to ensure user safety.

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