Vibration Tests are conducted through Electronic Dynamic Vibration Shaking System with a Capacity up to 200 Kg, Frequency 0, Amplitude 0-38mm, Mode- sweep & octave, Acceleration 0-200 g with direction of X/Y/Z axis. Vibration System is capable to take care of force transmission and able to withstand at high temperature s well.

System has vertical load support system having mounting surface area to accommodate large test articles or multiple items at one time. Vibration System is so designed for easily performing online production tests schedules for all sectors of industry such as IT Products, Lighting & Luminaries Products and Automotive Applications.

The main purpose of Electro dynamic Shaker in Electro dynamic Vibration System is to initialize and continuously produce the ‘vibrations’ itself i.e., converting electrical energy to mechanical vibrations. A sensor that is placed on the armature of the shaker senses the acceleration and so provides a ‘Reverse-Feedback’ to the vibration controller to control the vibration requirements concerned.