Surge Testing

Impulse and Surge Testing

Impulse and Surge Testing

The most sensitively protected testing includes Impulse, Surge and High Voltage tests carried out at the most priority level to check the danger against overvoltages.

Impulse Testing. Impulse Voltage Test Systems. Impulse testing systems are designed to generate impulse voltages that simulate lightning strikes and switching surges.

The test safeguards for the high voltage encountered over the product due to frequent lightning spikes in the sky or other transient voltages due to the effect of error in the main supply AC voltage.

Impulse voltage test systems are used to generate impulse voltages simulating lightning strokes and switching surges. Main applications include impulse voltage tests on High Voltage apparatus like Power Transformers, Instrument Transformers, Switch gears, Circuit Breakers, High Voltage Cables etc. according to IEC, ANSI/IEEE as well as other national standards.

Impulse Voltage Test Systems are modular in construction, flexible and cover testing application according to IEC, ANSI/IEEE, and other national standards. The basic system can be upgraded in various ways to allow optimization of the Impulse Test System for tests on different high voltage equipment. The system operation is user-friendly and incorporates all the necessary features of the Impulse Voltage Test. These systems meet all the requirements of industry, research and development centers, educational institutes and third-party test labs