Audio, Video Equipment – IS 616/IEC 60065

Audio Video Testing

Audio Video Equipment Testing is done to ensure that all broadcasting products are functioning in adherence to industrial standards.

With a big array of services for Audio/Visual testing and certification, URS LABS can help you evaluate your product for all potential considerations, including product safety certification, environmental performance verification, FCC certification for wireless A/V equipment, and all necessary EMC evaluations.

Our labs are capable and allow us to test products to nearly any multimedia product safety standard, including the new IEC 62368-1. We can also complete all additional evaluations from a single laboratory location, allowing you to test your product for EMC, environmental hardiness, energy efficiency, and a wealth of other testing considerations quickly and efficiently.

We provide you the ability to promote your A/V product’s life cycle into the market through our streamlined testing process and extensive laboratory capabilities. Our experienced engineers and dedicated project coordinators handle your product throughout the testing process to help you meet requirements and prove that your products are eligible for market acceptance.


IS 616/IEC 60065
Audio, Video Equipment

Video Projector
Video Cameras
Video games
Electronic Gaming and Scoring Machines
Teletext Equipment

Main Tests

  • Temperature rise test
  • Constructional Requirements
  • Electric Shock Test
  • Insulation requirements Test
  • Fault Condition Test
  • Mechanical Strength Test
  • Protection Against Hazards
  • Resistance to Fire.
  • Electric Strength.
  • Clearance and Creepage Distance Test
  • Stability Test
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