Ingress Protection Rating Testing | IP Testing  

The Ingress Protection rating (IP Rating) Testing is the ability of any product to withstand dust of various size particles and water.

The Degree of Protection provided by an enclosure is indicated by the IP coding such as IPXXCH

IP – IP is the Code letters

X – First Characteristics numeral – Dust Protection(numerals 0-6 or latter X)

X – Second Characteristics numeral – Water Protection(numeral 0-8 or latter X)

C – Additional Latter – optional, letters A,B,C, D

H – Supplementary letters – optional, letters H, M, S, W

URS has IP testing facility approved by NABL upto IP69


  1. IS/IEC 60529:2001
  2. IEC 60529:1989+A1:1999+A2:2013
  3. ISO 20653:2013


1st Characteristic Numeral:

IP1X to IP6X

2nd Characteristic Numeral:

IPX1 to IPX9