URS have expertise in other important fields in various disciplines.

Some of the notable facilities available are:

  • Vibration testing in three axis (X, Y, Z Directions) with Capacity: 1500 kGf, Frequency:  5 to 3200 Hz, Acceleration: 90 G, Displacement:  38 mm, Platform:  600×600 mm
  • On site testing of HV/MV cables & Sub-station accessories for Partial Discharge Test, Tan Delta Test, VLF (Very Low Frequency) Test, HV/IR etc. up to 220kV.
  • SFRA (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis) Testing as per IEC 60060-3: High Voltage Test Techniques (On site testing also possible)
  • Grid code Compliance Testing & Tuning
  • Under-ground Cable Fault location without digging with 99% accuracy.
  • On-site Condition Monitoring of Electrical equipment
  • Issuance of “Certificate of Conformity” from our UK Head Quarter for specific requirement of your clients based on the reports issued by Intertek/ any NABL accredited lab.
  • Consultancy for design verification / Design validation to meet national/ international standards
  • Failure investigation of HV/MV equipment
  • Clean room validation
  • Automotive component testing
  • Annex IV machineries
  • G-Mark requirements
  • ATEX requirements