Thermal shock testing also called temperature shock testing or temperature cycling. In this testing, products is exposed to alternating low and high temperatures to accelerate failures, caused by repeated temperature variations during the normal condition of use.

This test is carried out to simulate the test condition in which the product faces severe temperature change in a short period of time. This differential expansion affects the product characteristics and thermal shock tests to understand the product behavior on that condition. URS lab has a test facility for thermal shock tests in a wide range of temperature conditions.

The transition between temperature extremes occurs very rapidly during thermal shock testing, greater than 15 °C per minute. Alternatively, temperature cycle testing uses slower rates of change between high and low temperatures.

Applicable standards for this test are IS 9000(Part14/Sec 1) and IEC 60068-2-14.

URS have state of art test facility for Thermal Shock Test Comprising conditioning chamber of different size with variable temperature and ramp rate.